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Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it.

-Alan Lakein

Announcing Susan's new book.

The Peak Performing Professor:
A Practical Guide to Productivity and Happiness

Available October 2013 at your favorite book and e-book online retailer.
The Peak Performing Professor - A Practical Guide to Productivity and Happiness

"Professor Destressor."

Susan Robison, Ph.D.

If you are a college professor or administrator who wants to make a difference while you are making a living ... you've come to the right place. Educators who live and work with a sense of purpose balance their roles, time, and relationships by these principles:

Meaning: (Re)discover your passion and purpose so that all the elements of your life connect to each other. Clarity will bring increased productivity and decreased stress.

Mastery: Develop your strengths in areas of your choosing. You can apply your strengths to your content as well as your style.

Happiness: Enjoy the contentment of a well-lived life. Feel good while doing good.

Legacy: Make a difference through the influence you leave behind on people and your organizations. Your influence goes beyond your students' to your professional field and to your community.

Connection: Apply relationship skills to the range of relationships from intimate to professional. You will increase your satisfaction and effectiveness while working and living with others.

Susan's reflections on her work and life.

Faculty development work is one of my favorite professional roles. As a professor and former department chair, I understand the challenges and the rewards of college teaching.

We teachers have a great privilege and a great responsibility. We influence the next generation and the future of our world by teaching in our subject matter and preparing students for professional roles. If we take that role seriously we need to be lifelong learners in our subject matter and in teaching techniques.

While teaching our subject matter we also offer ourselves as role models for adulthood. My work in faculty development is aimed at supporting faculty efforts to care for themselves as they work effectively.

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