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As a professor and former department chair, I understand the challenges and the rewards of college teaching. While teaching our subject matter, we also contribute scholarship in our disciplines and participate in leadership roles in our institutions. My work in faculty development aims to support faculty as they care for themselves while working effectively in those roles. There are two ways that I help faculty and their leaders: one is through seminars both at conferences and at colleges and the second is through individual and group coaching.

My seminars and coaching aim at two areas:

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Participants in my Peak Performing Professor seminars will go beyond traditional time management to learn life management skills. After attending, they are able to:

The coaching that I offer help professors achieve:

My "Leadership Skills for Academic Leaders" seminars help chairs, deans, and other leaders:

The Peak Performing Professor - A Practical Guide to Productivity and Happiness

My 2013 book, The Peak Performing Professor: A Practical Guide For Faculty Productivity and Happiness contains hundreds of strategies for working well while living well. My book can be purchased directly from the publisher at Jossey-Bass Wiley or from Amazon.

One of my favorite activities is doing on-line coaching for book groups who want to implement the strategies from The Peak Performing Professor and for writing groups who want to write more easily and successfully. The participants of these coaching groups report that our work together helps them to:

  • Break down large projects into smaller achievable tasks that take 15-30 minutes;
  • Organize projects, big and small, from idea stage to completion;
  • Stop procrastinating and get writing regularly;
  • Write on the "right" topics that build a body of work rather than just stale articles leftover from your dissertation topic;
  • Conquer the self-defeating attitudes and distractions that block writing progress.


To talk to Susan about engaging her for seminars and coaching:

3725 Font Hill Drive
Ellicott City, MD 21042
Office: (410) 465-5892
Fax: (410) 465-5967

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