Academic Leader as Coach: Skills for Transformational Conversations

Leadership skills are important to the mission of the university but few academic leaders receive academic or practice training in leadership. In this workshop, you will review a research-based model of academic leadership that makes dealing with people easier through practices that help you approach leadership challenges in a skillful and professional manor. You will be able to practice skills that empower others, communicate well, build alliances, and establish good working relationships. The workshop will also present a system to clarify and align your vision for your leadership position with your professional/personal priorities.

By the end of this segment you will be able to:

  • Make conversation instead of small talk using self-disclosure, dialogue, and reciprocity.
  • Build good working relationships with faculty, administrators, and peer chairs.
  • Coach faculty to success.
  • Say “No” without burning bridges.
  • Set appropriate limits and creating healthy boundaries;
  • Use appropriate humor.
  • Delegate.
  • Manage conflict creatively.
  • Increase civility in your environment.
  • Manage your emotions.
  • (Optional) Visioning and managing realistic and achievable projects, goals, and daily to-do lists. (Optional) Listen deeply and negotiate mutual needs and differences; (Optional) Lower stress and increase your resilience in spite of those never ending lists of tasks.

Suggested Audience: faculty leaders and emerging leaders

Suggested Time Frames:

  • 6 hours – workshop with mini-lectures, exercises, and deeper learning
  • Shorter time frames with selected content are available

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